Eye Exams

Eye Exams

Here at Factoria Eye Clinic we are committed to providing long term care for you and your family. We strive to create a comfortable, efficient, yet fun eye exam experience. Our goal is to have you return regularly for your comprehensive exam since they are essential in maintaining healthy sight. Diseases that affect vision can occur without signs or symptoms at any age. In our office we have the latest technologies and equipment, including Retinal Photography with the Optomap retinal camera. With the retinal camera we are afforded early detection of many diseases that may affect the eyes.

Regardless of age or health status it is extremely important to have regular eye exams. It is a common misconception that your age dictates whether you should regularly see your eye doctor. Some experts estimate that approximately 5 to 10 percent of pre-schoolers and 25 percent of school-aged children have vision problems. If you wear glasses or contact lenses it is recommended you get a yearly eye exam, and if you do not need any correction it is still recommended you complete an exam every two to three years. If you are over forty, getting an exam every one to two years becomes important as well so that eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration can be ruled out or managed accordingly.

At the time of your comprehensive eye exam the doctor will not only determine your prescription for glasses and contact lenses but they will also look for eye diseases, assess the way your eyes work together, and evaluate your eyes as an indicator for your overall health.

Tests that are performed during an exam will range from simple tests like reading letters on a chart, to more difficult tests such as using a high-powered lens to check the health of the tissues in your eyes.

Optomap vs. Dilation exams

Computer Users:

So many of us spend the majority of our days staring at one to multiple computer screens. Because the hours dedicated to staring at a screen is so high, computer eye strain has become a major complaint. There are a few things that we can discuss during your exam to help alleviate some of the physical fatigue, dryness, and decreased productivity that comes along with the overuse of computers.

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Distance from the screen:

Knowing approximately how far you sit from your screen(s) can help us by being a guide to getting the appropriate focal length to prescribe computer use eyewear. This can simply be measured by estimating the distance by using your outstretched hand.

Eye level in relation to your screen:

It can also be helpful to know where your computer screen sits relatively to eye level. An example of this would be, if you are sitting up straight with your head in a neutral position and you look straight ahead…is your screen right in front of you or do you need to drop your eyes down to see your monitor? This is something that we will assess when prescribing computer glasses as well as when we are measuring you for a specific frame

Why do you ask about my health and medications for my eye exam?

There are three core reasons knowing your current health conditions and medications are important.

1. There are many health conditions that can adversely affect our eyes. Conditions such as Diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure can all cause retinal and vision damage. Almost any health condition that is affecting our blood, can affect your eyes.

2. We frequently see that certain side effects of medications can cause eye problems such as blurred vision, or dry eye. Medications that are commonly prescribed for asthma, inflammation, and arthritis may lead to Cataracts or Glaucoma, so presenting us with your current health conditions and medications during your exam can help us in making and appropriately managing any diagnoses you might have.

3. Depending on your insurance coverage, certain plans such as Medicare and VSP mandate that we ask for specific health issues such as cigarette smoking. Though we will continue to ask these questions at every appointment, you as a patient are not obligated to answer.

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