Eye Exams for Computer Users

Eye Exams for Computer Users

We all know the importance of taking care of our vision. While regular eye exams are a good option for everybody, some people should be more diligent about the details of their day. Today’s workforce finds itself using computers far more regularly than any previous generation. People that work with a computer for the majority of their day may have additional stresses placed on their eyes. At Factoria Eye Clinic, we ensure that our patients who regularly use computers have access to all cutting-edge technologies to help diagnose and treat their eye conditions.

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Understanding Eye Fatigue

Computer screens are not natural things for us to look at. The lit screen, screen glare, and trying to focus on text and numbers all force our eyes to work harder than they otherwise would be. While taking regular breaks can help to reduce this eye strain, many people simply look at their screens for far too long. As we become tired of looking at screens, we have to force our eyes to work even harder. Over time, this eye fatigue can lead to some serious eye conditions.

Getting Your Exam

For people who regularly use a computer, it is important to get an eye exam completed annually,

or if you notice a change in your vision. If your prescription has changed, we can often place more stress on our eyes to try to see clearly, which only exacerbates the number of potential issues. You should also make sure to talk to your doctor about how much you are using the computer. Many patients should also note that the use of a phone can only compound the problem, but should be discussed with our staff.

There are a variety of different options that are available for patients to help reduce the stress caused by computers. The first is to ensure that you have the right prescription so that your eyes are not constantly working harder than they should. Another option is to opt for prescription lenses that have special coatings that help to reduce glare or block the blue light that is emitted from our computer and phone screens.

Other Steps

Of course, there are a number of things that you can do to outside of our office that can help reduce the stress on your eyes and keep related issues at bay.

  • Take Breaks – Allowing regular breaks throughout the day where you are not looking at a screen can allow your eyes to relax from the regular stress of trying to look at a computer screen. During these breaks, you should not switch to another type of screen, but instead, take a walk and look at objects that are further away from you.

  • Change Your Workstation – Many of our patients will find that their workstation is not set up to reduce their eye strain. Your computer screen should be directly in front of you to help reduce glare. In addition, the screen should be about two feet in front of your eyes and slightly below your line of vision.

  • Use Proper Lighting or Shades – Many offices are equipped with fluorescent lighting. Unfortunately, this type of lighting can be harsh on your eyes. If you can, remove fluorescent lights and opt for accent lighting instead. You can also place special shades to block the direct light from hitting your eyes and your screen.


If you are a regular computer user, contact Factoria Eye Clinic today to schedule your exam. Our staff specializes in issues associated with working in the modern world and can help you reduce the stress on your eyes today!

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