What’s New in Myopia Management?

Before we discuss what’s new…it may help to discuss what we have already been doing.  Dr. Kaufman started treating myopia with orthokeratology lenses in 2013.  The first patient she recalls was an 11-year-old Asian male who had a fairly substantial prescription already at that young age…his eyeglass prescription was -4.50-2.00x170.  Without treatment, the predicted prescription by age 17 for this young man was between -6.50 to -8.00.  He recently turned 18 and in anticipation of going to college, decided to stop wearing orthokeratology and switch to daytime soft contact lenses.  His prescription at age 18—had stayed at his entering level of -4.50-2.00x170.  7 years with no increase in myopia! This is just one example of how well myopia control can work.

As the years went by Dr. Kaufman attended international myopia control conferences and kept updated on the changes to recommended treatments.  If a child’s myopia was not adequately controlled with a certain lens design— she was able to utilize new technology which allowed for more customized treatment.

Over the years if a child was a poor candidate for orthokeratology –she fit some patients in special soft contact lenses for myopia control.  

What’s new? Recently, the FDA approved an exciting treatment for myopia control—the MiSight lens.


What is the MiSight Lens?


A soft lens treatment for myopia has special treatment zones in the lens designed to slow myopia.  The child would wear the lens and see clearly during the day.  They would remove the lens at night for sleeping.

This treatment has been used successfully in overseas markets since 2014!  The lens underwent a 5-year randomized clinical trial which showed a 52% slowing in the development of myopia in children.   


Is my Child a Candidate?


For MiSight lenses, a child should enter treatment between ages 8-12 years old.  The entering prescription should be between -.75 and -4.00 diopters.  

If your child is not within those ranges—it does not mean we cannot perform myopia control.  It simply means we would utilize another method.  


Dr. Caroline Kaufman at Factoria Eye Clinic is passionate about slowing down children’s myopia.  We have been practicing myopia control since our inception.  If you have any questions about myopia control for your child please give our office a call at 425-641-2020.  

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