Noticing New Vision Issues With Your Child This School Year?

Since the majority of learning is visual, most of the visual responsibilities that school-age children rely on daily include using computers, writing, reading, and seeing the whiteboard. Their eyes are constantly at work when they get into their classrooms. Consequently, their education can suffer if they have vision issues.


Your child faces an increased demand for visual acuity when they are in class. Learn about some of the common vision issues to look out for with your child this school year.


Vision Issues Make Reading the Board Harder


Children who struggle to focus in class may have an underlying vision issue. They may not be aware or able to verbalize that they are having a hard time seeing all of the details on a whiteboard, but those vision issues could contribute to a lack of concentration. The blurred vision he or she experiences could cause them to squint to see better or they may experience headaches due to the strain they put on their eye muscles. If a child becomes frustrated that they are not seeing and understanding the visual information presented in class, or as a result is frustrated that they can’t concentrate because of these underlying vision issues, their behavior or academic performance could suffer.


Reading Comprehension


Reading comprehension skills can decrease if a child is suffering from vision problems. A child’s eyes should work as a team to interpret words, move across the page, and comprehend what they are reading. Someone with an underlying vision issue may lose their place as they read, have to re-read sentences, or even struggle to interpret the letters in a word for some words that look similar.


Holding Screens, Papers, and Books Close to Their Faces to Read

Have you noticed your child bringing their books or any reading material closer to their eyes to see?  Myopia or nearsightedness is when the eyes do not focus light correctly so distant objects appear blurry until they are moved closer to the eye. The International Myopia Institute estimates that 30% of the current population is myopic and is estimated to grow to 50% by 2050! Diagnosing myopia in your child is the first step in controlling the progression or worsening. Factoria Eye Clinic specializes in myopia control and will be happy to assist you and your child throughout the process.


Comprehensive Eye Exams For All School-Aged Children


Academic studies are a key component of the growth and development of your child. If their eyes and vision are not healthy, they may struggle unnecessarily in school. It is important that you get their eyes comprehensively examined by an optometrist at a minimum of every school year, but we often recommend eye examinations twice a year because children may experience frequent vision changes as their eyes continue to develop. Your child may also need to get their eyes checked more frequently if they have shown any symptoms of a vision issue or are predisposed to any vision issues based on your family history.


Passing a vision screening is not an indicator that your child has perfect vision. A child could potentially see an object fairly clearly, but they could still have eye coordination, tracking, and focusing issues. All these vision skills are necessary for successful learning and reading. Therefore, a comprehensive eye exam is vital for early treatment through either contact lenses or eyeglasses.


For more information on how to identify vision issues in children, or to schedule a comprehensive eye exam contact Factoria Eye Clinic at our office in Bellevue, Washington at (425) 641-2020 today.

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