Finding Relief From Dry Eye Discomfort With Scleral Lenses

Many people suffer from mild or chronic dry eye. The long-term effects of this condition can cause significant discomfort. Artificial tears and eye drops may offer temporary relief, but you may desire a longer-lasting solution. Your eye doctor may recommend scleral lenses, which are ideal for long-term relief.


Dry Eye Discomfort


Dry eye syndrome is more than a simple sensation of irritation, burning, or grittiness in the eyes. It is a condition that results from excessive tear evaporation or inadequate tear production. You can experience eye redness, light sensitivity, and blurry vision.


Scleral Lenses

These large-diameter gas permeable lenses cover the cornea and rest on the sclera. They have been the ideal solution for many people over the years. Scleral lenses can treat dryness resulting from Limbal Stem Cell deficiency, Graft vs. Host disease, Steven Johnson Syndrome, and LASIK. Aside from relieving dry eye discomfort, they can also treat Sjogren’s syndrome and corneal scarring. The brand or fit the optometrist recommends depends on your needs. Some that we use at Factoria Eye Clinic include:


  • BostonSight® SCLERAL

  • ScanFit (a profilimetry-based lens from EyePrint Prosthetics)

  • WAVE ScleraLens™

  • Blanchard Onefit™

  • ZenLens®

  • Jupiter Scleral™

  • Acculens


Among the advantages of scleral lenses are:


Constant Eye Hydration


The gap between the scleral lens and the surface of your cornea consists of a preservative-free saline solution. It acts as an endless supply of hydration for the eyes. The constant wetness provides relief to your dry eyes. You can add preservative-free artificial tears to the lens bowl before wearing them. These ingredients lubricate and enhance the recovery of the ocular exterior.


Traditional lenses require preservative-free saline fillers. People with dry eye discomfort may opt for either autologous serum tears or preservative-free artificial tears. The procedure involves adding them to the lens’ bowl to create a moisture chamber.


Less Irritation


Having dry eye syndrome and still requiring vision correction can disqualify you from using contact lenses. Traditional soft lenses rest on the cornea, irritating dry eyes. They may also absorb the hydration on the exterior of the eye.

This makes wearing them a nightmare. Scleral lenses do not touch the corneal surface. Instead, they arch over the cornea and rest on the sclera, thus minimizing irritation.


Corneal Protection

Dry eye syndrome makes your eyes sensitive and leaves the cornea susceptible to injury. The condition can cause a simple act like blinking to irritate the cornea. The eyes' vulnerability results from friction between the eyelids and the cornea. 


Scleral lenses are a buffer between the two, protecting your eyes from further damage or irritation.


Healthier Appearance


Among the symptoms of dry eye syndrome is unhealthy-looking bloodshot eyes. Apart from this, the eyes feel constantly irritated. Continuously blinking in an effort to temper some of the symptoms may just expose eyes to further injury.


Scleral lenses play a role in calming these symptoms by providing constant hydration and shielding them from the outside. They give your eyes a healthy look while relieving the irritation.


Comfort and Quality Life


Chronic dry eye syndrome has several symptoms that affect your comfort and everyday life. They include eye exhaustion, pain, discomfort, and lack of confidence because of having bloodshot eyes. Scleral lenses offer you three levels of relief in this case. They protect your eyes, provide vision correction, and therapeutically lubricate the eyes. These three factors can boost your quality of life after suffering for a while from the condition.



For more information on finding relief from dry eye discomfort with scleral lenses, contact Factoria Eye Clinic at our office in Bellevue, Washington. Call (425) 641-2020 to book an appointment today.

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